All cakes and bakes are made to order by Annette's Baking in a Box, so a final price will be given after the flavour and design are agreed.

The prices below are a guide and we reserve the right to charge a deposit for certain orders.

Deliveries are free within an 8-mile radius; thereafter, a charge of £1.00 per mile will be levied. For orders of £50 plus, delivery is free within a 20-mile radius.

  • Celebration cakes start from £30.00
  • Tray bakes and plain cakes start from £12.00
  • Mini quiche (10cms) start from £2.00 each
  • Bite-size quiche are £1.00 each
  • Sweet tarts (10cms) start from £2.00 each.

Annette's Baking in a Box offers a selection of cake stands to complement your cake order. An agreement will be discussed when placing your order.